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heat4allWHAT IS UV LIGHT ?

The most common method of skin tanning involves the process of exposing skin to ultra-violet light (UV). The sun emits UVR in the form of A, B, and C waves.

- The range of light referred to as UVA includes wavelengths between 290 and 400 nm (UVA-1 is between 340 and 400 nm, UVA-2 is between 290 and 340 nm, UVA-3 is between 290 and 310 nm).

- The range of light referred to as UVB includes wavelengths between 260 and 290 nm.

- The range of light referred to as UVC includes wavelengths between 160 and 260 nm.

UVA has the best capability of tanning skin. UVA-1 and UVA-2 converts melanin into the dark pigment melatonin.

The first layer of the skin is composed of dead cells. They won't produce melanin upon exposure to moderate amounts of UV.

UVB tans the second layer of skin and stimulates the production of new melanin cells. UVB skin tanning has an additional negative effect. It will thicken the second layer of skin and as a result increases the visibility of skin lines and wrinkles. It also causes sunburn.

UVC light does not produce a tan.

Our facial tanning lamp provides mostly UVA radiation.


heat4allWhat can I do to tan my face better ?

It's a fact that moist skin tans much better than dry skin moisturize. So, we recommande to use a moisturizer at least twice daily. We recommande to use moisturizers that are specifically designed and developed for indoor tanning.


heat4all Should I shower after a tanning session ?

Of course. The tanning process actually continues for a period of time after a tanning session. Taking a shower is not a problem at all. We only recommand you not shower for 2 hours after your tanning session. Indeed, taking a shower will remove the mantel acid from your skin and slow down or stop this continued tanning process.


heat4all I just can't get any darker. What can I do ?

Your skin becomes thicker as your tanning progresses and makes it difficult for UV light to penetrate the upper layers of skin. Moisturizer is extremely important at this point. Your skin cells are standing up as much as 45° and are actually reflecting the UV rays. Using a lot of moisturizing lotion will help these cells lay down and become more translucent, therefore more receptive to UV rays. Do you know your skin phototype ?


heat4allHow long will it take to see results ?

How quickly and how deep you tan depends on your skin type and the tan base. But usually, you should have a skin tone change after the first 6-8 tanning sessions, and you should have a good base tan in 8-10 tanning sessions then one to three tanning sessions a week should maintain your tan in an entry level bed. See a tanning program.


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